Primary/ Secondary

This is a place for activities for primary and secondary aged children, although other age groups may enjoy them too. The activities will provide the opportunity for children and young people to engage in activities that reflect the current areas of the curriculum.

This is a great activity that provides the opportunity to practice a variety of physical skills including hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and spatial awareness. It also offers the opportunity to interact with others in a playful manner.

All you need is a splash of water, some clear containers and some bits and bobs from around the house, and you have your own homemade science experiment. This one is all about scientific enquiry and is great for all those inquisitive problem solvers as well as those that love water.

Who knew simple letters could be so much fun? This activity is a winner for all ages, not only does it develop thinking skills and creativity it offers the chance to use writing and mark-making skills. Add an extra challenge by racing against others to see who can complete all the letters first.

Did you know what the tallest animal in the world is or how many stars are in our galaxy? Play lollipop stick trivia and you will find out the answers to some very interesting questions. A great learning opportunity for everyone. Questions can be adapted based on age, ability, and interests.