Early Years

Here you will find a variety of activities targeted at children aged birth to five, although older children and young people may enjoy them too. The activities are all based on the principles of early learning and are underpinned by the Early Year’s foundation stage framework. The activities involve opportunities to learn and develop in the key areas, including communication and language, physical, personal social and emotional, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expression.

This is a great activity for developing those early mark making skills. It can be easily adapted by changing the material and the mark-making focus. Why not try making shapes in flour or making letters in sugar. If you want to add a bit of sparkle why not pop in some glitter.

This activity is all about creativity, you will be amazed at the beautiful pictures you can create with just some paint and a potato masher. You can add some glitter for extra fun.

Ever wondered what to do with all those empty cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes and cereal packets? Why not turn them into rockets, robots or radios. As well as lots of fun junk modelling offers lots of opportunity for creative thinking, problem-solving and team work.

Whoever thought you could use a colander in this way? This activity helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and attention skills. You can make it easier or harder depending on the size of the hole and the materials you choose. Add a little bit of challenge by racing each other to see who can fill all the holes first.

This is a quick and easy activity that relies on the use of minimal resources. We have made these bottles many times at our toddler groups and they are always a winner. Making the bottle provides an opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor control, and imagination. This activity is particularly good for children and young people who are seeking experiences through their visual system as the array of colours and materials provide some lovely sensory feedback.