Autism Acceptance Week 2020

Back on the Road to Acceptance

Hot on the heels of last year’s landmark Autism Acceptance campaign we are back on the road to acceptance one again – this time from 30th March – 5th April.

Being on lock-down won’t mean you have to miss out on the week-long celebration – you can now take part in a series of fabulous home-based activities!

Whether self-isolating, off school or working from home, staying at home doesn’t have to be boring and frustrating – we’ve created a fun-filled site and home pack for the whole family to get involved many activities and fundraising opportunities.

Once again we are adopting gold as our colour to celebrate and place value on autistic people and neurodiversity.

We’ll be illuminating buildings and landmarks all over the region in a golden hue to help spread the message of Autism Acceptance…why don’t you join us by turning your house gold with decorations and fairy lights?

This is also your one-stop shop for all the news from the week, articles, interviews, galleries and so much more.

(We’re even including extras like virtual tours and home activities to keep the whole family mentally and physically well in this time of social distancing!)

So, who’s ready to celebrate an action-packed, home-based Autism Acceptance Week?

We’re back on the road to acceptance and it won’t be the same without you!

Stay positive  

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone but positivity is essential when staying at home for long periods of time.

One of the best ways to do this is to occupy your mind productively.

Our home-based Autism Acceptance Week resources; home pack; along with our engaging Autism Acceptance Week social media content; and a few home-based fitness exercises and mindfulness tips will help you to stay positive this week and beyond…

What we can offer you

To support you in championing Autism Acceptance and also to raise awareness of the North East Autism Society from home, we have developed a range of resources:

Education at Home (for early, primary and secondary age)
Games and Activities (including competition ideas)
Health and Wellbeing (including exercises and mindfulness
All the latest acceptance content
Access to our Online Shop

Education at Home

Games & Activities

Health & Well-being

Download your home pack

Click the link now to sign up via our form, so that we know that you are supporting us. In the meantime simply click the button to download your pack to get started.

To support you in acceptance week as you raise awareness of the North East Autism Society – or if you decide to fundraise for us – we have developed a range of resources and support within the home pack including:

– Support and public thanks on our social media platforms

– Cake labels

– Participation certificates

– Colouring sheets

– An active quiz covering some of the common assumptions about autism

– Bunting for Autism Acceptance Week.